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Bhiksha nahin, shiksha do!
Our primary objective is to give books in the hands of those children who are spreading their arms for alms, tools and drugs.
Implementation of the above is goal is done by focussing on the following aspects-
-- Child education
-- Child welfare
-- Child beggary
-- Child health
-- Drug abuse in children
-- Awareness amongst children and parents


The vision is to give every under-privileged child a book in hand, so that he/she claims the right to live an educated life after growing up and passes on the same to the upcoming generation. We aim to match this goal with the national goal of giving all the children right to education.


Every child has the right to childhood, and no childhood is complete without a taste of education. We, at Veerangana aim to bridge the gap between education and under-privileged children involved in beggary and rag-picking by spreading awareness amongst such children and their families. The time when children should be in school is spent in earning a rupee or two to feed the family members. For a family in poverty, age is not a factor when it comes to who is responsible to feed the family members dying of hunger. Our aim is to make such people realise the importance of education, so that illiteracy is not what is passed on through generations.

Starting with Ghafoor basti of Haldwani, and later going door to door covering Rajendra nagar, Jawahar nagar and Rajpura, we commenced our awareness drives in 2013- long before Veerangana was officially registered. But even after all the struggle, we found no permanent solution to the problems faced by these families in poverty. The children and their parents were so involved in earning for the family that attending school seemed a mere waste of time to them. They needed daily motivation to go to the school and a source to fulfil their education requirements. So, our team collected some funds and opened a small centre where every morning, we started going to the slum to get children to study. Our main focus has been to motivate them to attend proper government schools and those who are reluctant to attend schools or face problems in admission are taught by our teachers in the centre. Veerangana fulfils mostly all their educational needs, from stationery to proper uniforms. To maintain the interest of children, we also involve them in activities like dancing, singing, craft, and show them motivating movies and narrate stories. One of the major pulls for children to come to the centre daily is the lunch that we provide. What else does a hungry stomach demand?

Kidwai Nagar near Haldwani Railway Station is the current slum that we have undertaken. Dholak Basti, a small slum of Kidwai Nagar has a lot of Nepali Muslims, residing there since so many years that it’s hard to figure out that they were once immigrants. These families have been involved in making dholaks (a type of drum) from generations, and hence the name- dholak basti. The other sources of income are mostly either rag-picking or beggary. Children in such families, as soon as they are born are pushed to beggary and rag-picking. There is no dearth of education sources in the area but due to lack of awareness, the children are snatched of their basic rights to study. Visiting Dholak Basti every morning to get kids to study is surely not an easy task but what makes it worth it is when we see them dressed in school uniforms.

During the COVID lockdown, we were lucky to expand the NGO to get in more students from Tanakpur in Champawat district.

At present, we have in touched the lives of over 230 children, and hope to increase the count by every year.

Besides child education, Veerangana has also given treatment and home cares to many homeless people living on roads near Sushila Tewari hospital, railway station, Haldwani.


- Parmarth Sanstha’s Rani Laxmibai Award- Director, Veerangana (2016)
- Parmarth Sanstha’s Seva Samman Award- Director, Veerangana (2016)
- Amar Ujala’s Uttarakhand Ratna Award- Director, Veerangana (2016)
- Sarvochch Seva Award - Director, Veerangana (2016)
- Bharat Vikas Parishad’s Seva Samman Award- Director, Veerangana (2016)
- Khabar Sansar’s Seva Samman Award- Director, Veerangana (2016)
- Punjabi Jankalayan Samiti’s Seva Samman Award- Director, Veerangana (2017)
- Vaishya Mahila Samiti’s Dehdaan Sankalp Award- Director, Veerangana (2017)
- Delhi-Uttarakhand Film Natya Sanstha’s Teelu Rauteli Award- Director, Veerangana (2018)
- Harijan Sharanam Haldwani’s Seva Samman Award- Director, Veerangana (2018)
- Award from Adarsh Press Club- Director, Veerangana (2018)


The journey till here has not been an easy one, for sure but what keeps us going is the support we get from our partners and supporters. We have got constant support from Uttarakhand Police, Need Foundation, Little Miracles Foundation (Thal Seva),Two in One Foundation, SK Gupta Nursing Home, Sujata Nrityalaya, State Corporative Uttarakhand, Jain Organisation,Nainital Tibetan market.

Our other supporters are-
Dr. Mridula Gupta
Deepa Aggrawal
Dr. Mohan Tewari
Dr GeetaBalutiya
Neelima Rawat Pangti
Vijay Laxmi Sharma
Ruchi Punetha
Kumkum Dhanik
Chetan Rawat
Lalit Joshi
Govind Digari
Dr. Swati
Raj Bhatt
Gopu Mehar


With a rupee or two, or a book and pen,
You can give a life to them!
It’s easy to donate to bring a change,
To help us get them out of the cage!

Your donations mean a lot to these children who aspire to study but are tied up in beggary, labour and drugs. The donations collected will be used to buy
-shoes and slippers
-sports equipment
-other hygiene and welfare related items like hand wash, comb, oil, sanitary pads, etc, and to pay salaries to the associated teachers.
You can donate either/ both in money or kind. We promise that your donation will be put to right use.
To donate in kind (books, clothes, shoes, food, basic hygiene items, etc.), you can either visit our centre or mail the donations to Veerangana, Street no. 1, Rampur Road, Haldwani, Nainitial-263139, Uttarakhand.

A/c: 76019440630
Branch: Uttarakhand Gramin Bank (Saras Market)


Mrs. Kamla Arora (Director)
Mrs. Madhavi Bisht (Vice President)
Mr. Yogesh Rajwar (Secretary)
Mrs. Jyoti Bisht (Treasurer)
Ms. Deepa Rautela (Member)
Mr. Bhupendra Singh (Member)
Ms. Smita Shah (Member)
Ms. Monica Maurya (Member)
Mrs. Indra Aggrawal (Member ‘sabki daadi’)
Mrs. Saroj Khanna (Member)
Deepa Mehta (Member)
Ms. Purva Pathak (Volunteer)


VEERANGANA is an NGO based in India is created by like-minded people who are up to creating a huge difference in the world. We are often undermining the power of kindness, generosity and giving in our NGO.


  • info@veerangana.org
  • +91 9410588666, 9897006464
  • Street no. 1, Rampur Road, Haldwani, District Nainital, Pin code- 263139
  • Registration NoUK06608052018000168