Q1- What is the belief behind VEERANGANA?

We believe that unless members of society are included very actively in the process of health and education development, sustainable change will not happen. And believing in this principle of changing world we are on a mission to make it successful.

Q2- How old is VEERANGANA?

It was established in 2020 in India.

Q3- In which area does VEERANGANA work?

VEERANGANA has been working in the plentiful areas of education, healthcare, women empowerment.

Q4- Can we donate some old clothes, books and stationery?

Generally, you can donate but where there is a need in any of the project at a given point of time.

Q5- Does VEERANGANA work in India or other countries too?

VEERANGANA is a National development organization and work for the same.

Q6- How can I donate?

By the usage of Paytm, Google Pay, and account transfer; you can donate us. Hence, we suggest you for the best mode are- Account transfer because; it has so many benefits to you such as- you can update yourself, you will get each and every single notification.

Q7- Can I donate more than one rupee?

Sorry, you cannot donate more than one rupee, but you can donate yearly or monthly wise. Along with this, you can donate such needful stuff like clothes, shoes, stationary, and books.

Q8- Why did you choose one rupee for your foundation?

I choose because I believe that one rupee is not a small amount but if people thousands of people can donate one rupee per day then it can be a huge amount to improve & change the lives of needy children who are really suffering from poverty.


VEERANGANA is an NGO based in India is created by like-minded people who are up to creating a huge difference in the world. We are often undermining the power of kindness, generosity and giving in our NGO.


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